Shana Brodnax

Shana Brodnax

My Background

Since I was a child, I’ve believed it was both possible and my responsibility to make the world a better place. For 20 years, I pursued that goal through leadership in community-based organizations in the Midwest, in New York City, and in the South — running large-scale education and social service programs for thousands of kids and families who are facing barriers to the safe, fulfilled, productive lives we are all born deserving. For 20 years, I was both a crusader and a workaholic. I didn’t think about or care about what was best for me — only what the work demanded. I was good at it, and it needed to be done.

Eventually, I hit a wall, and was faced with the cost of consistently sacrificing my own health, balance, and well-being for my work. I had to pause and ask myself some hard questions. When I reflected on the question of what I loved to do — not only what I was good at — the answer was coaching the leaders who worked for me. I loved sitting with someone who cared about their work, cared about the kids and families at the heart of their work, and wanted to bring their best selves to the task. I loved listening to them — a gift a leader rarely receives — and supporting them as they struggled to find perspective and get out of their own way (as all leaders must) so they could make an impact on the world. Most of all, I loved when magic happened — when they faced the truth, found their own authentic voice, chose their own ground to stand on, and went forth to get things done.

Now, as a coach, I have the beautiful opportunity to pursue that magic all the time. It makes the world a better place and nourishes me at the same time. I bring my perspective as a leader charged with producing real results, and as someone who has faced burnout and learned self-care the hard way. My yoga practice — which started in my workaholic years as a strategy to expand my capacity for stress — has grown into my becoming an instructor and yoga therapist. I am honored to weave into my coaching what yoga has taught me about the connection among the mind, body, heart, and spirit.

There is a way to be your best self, do your best work, and live your best life. Your path to that is as personal as your fingerprint, and I’m excited to support you as you find — or create — your way.

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Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Families Fellow, trained in Results-Based Leadership

M.S. in Nonprofit Management Milano Graduate School of Management and Urban Policy, New School for Social Research

B.A. in Political Science and African-American Studies Indiana University

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